The Shelters of Spengler


The growing imaginary of a glorious nature constructs a flat concept of it. Oswald Arnold Gottfried Spengler describes the specific decline of every civilization (1918) at the phase when it does not produce new values; the western man consciously lives an artificial, uprooted life. The provisory inhabitation of an idiosyncratic “constructed nature” forms the present architectural investigation. A hidden infrastructure forms an unreal life setting; Petasi deserted island situated closed to the busy, touristic island of Hydra hosts a scenographic, fake inhabitation of a supposedly “pure” nature.




Collaborators: KaterinaKoutsogianni, YannikosVasiloulis

Aristide Antonas is a Greek architect and writer, currently based in Athens and Berlin, principal in the Antonas office (nominee for a Mies Van der Rohe award, 2009 and for a Iakov Chernikov Prize, 2011). His theoretical texts are mostly published on the Internet; his literary works are published at Agra Publications (Athens), jrp-ringier (Zurich) and crap is good Publishers (Berlin). Aristide has been active as a tutor in Greece (NTUA, Athens and UTH, Volos) and as a part of the Visiting staff at the Architectural Association, the University of Cyprus, Freie Universitaet Berlin and the Bartlett UCL.