Amphibian Colonies in Ecsta-Sea

Zissis Kotionis

A floating colony of fifty living -units is being drawned (and recollected) by an open ferry -boat that functions as the common space for a hundred amphibian dwellers (amphiborgs). The ferry carries the flotilla to distant shores and the amphiborgs are challenged to co-exist on the surface of the “sea-ground “ in an ascetic and hedonistic, technonatural and ecstatic mode.  The environmental footprint of the installation is reduced to the minimum level.

Collaborators: Vasia Liri, Yorgos Rimenidis, Michael Softas, Konstantinos Zves

Zissis Kotionis is a PhD architect, artist and author. He is a Professor in the University of Thessaly, Greece. He has published six books on architectural theory and urban culture. He has also published two books of fiction and poetry. Projects and buildings of his architectural studio have been published, exhibited and awarded in Greece and abroad. He is also involved in artistic performances and installations and in public art practices. In 2010 he was co-Commissioner of Greece in the 12th Biennale of Architecture, Venice (The Ark). In 2012 he exhibited his  continuing architectural research on metropolitan architecture under the title “Multidomes”, in Benaki Museum, Athens.