The Aegean Pairi-Daêza


Aegean Pairi-Daêza - an ancient term meaning literally enclosed space, used originally to refer to Persian gardens - proposes an open house for tourists in the form of a garden of delights under a delicate silk canopy where there are only small pavilions and wonders like those of the gardens, instead of buildings. In this small paradise, tourism is based on the hedonistic rediscovery of the links with nature and landscape, and architecture is reduced to its very first original role: the modulation of weather and the activation of perception.

Cristina Díaz Moreno & Efrén Gª Grinda

Collaborators Paula Ferruz, Javier Casado and José Quintanar;

illustration by JaJaJa

Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efrén García Grinda are both architects and founders of the Madrid based office AMID.cero9. Since 2009 they are Unit Masters -Diploma 5- in the Architectural Association School of Architecture (A.A. London). They have been Univ. Professors at the Institut für Kunst und Architektur, Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Vienna in 2013-2014. Since 1998 they have been teaching in parallel at ETSAM and ESAYA, and have been visiting teachers and lecturers profusely throughout USA, Europe and Asia. Their projects have been widely disseminated not only in exhibitions, biennials and publications of architecture but also in museums and biennials of Art. They have won more than 30 prizes in national and international competitions, and their projects and writings have been collected in “Breathable”, “from cero9 to AMID” and recently in “Third Natures” exhibition, in the Architectural Association accompanied with the book “Third Natures. A Micropaedia”, that gathers projects and texts since the beginning of their practice in 1998.